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download OFX fileOFX files

OFX files contains the same information than bank statement – but intended to be processed by a computer.
Most banks, if not all, provide a way to download the ba
nk statement in OFX format, for a given period. Look for “download transaction” or “download statement” on your bank internet site.


Select the OFX format, and download the file. OFX format is widely used, and is the most common and reliable format for bank statement information.



Personal finance/accounting programs

manage your money with graphsPersonal finance programs generally import the OFX files, avoiding entering each transaction by hand. They then maintain a database with all bank statements, and helps you to rationalize your finance.

ZenAccounting helps you to see and understand what are your expenses. For instance, how much you spend for your car, including maintenance, petrol, insurance…. And how¬†does this expanse compare to previous years