Main features

ZenAccounting runs on OS X 10.10 or later (macOS)

Import OFX files

import_2files2As simple as possible

No option : ZenAccounting gets all it needs from the OFX file.

It also import the ledger balance, when OFX file contains one (most OFX files do), so that balance and accounting is exact, even if some transactions are missing.

Of course, during import, duplicated transaction are detected and eliminated, and all rules are applied, as well as finding pending check, internal transfert, etc

ZenAccounting also allow you to import many OFX files at once.




whi_tagsZenAccounting attaches several tags to each transaction.
Tags are more powerful than categories, because you can attach several tags to a transaction.

An expanse generally cannot be fitted in a single category. For instance, should property tax be categorized as taxes or as real estate? both!

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Because it really belongs to both categories. It’s only when you are analyzing your costs and incomes that you may want to see how are distributed your real estate incomes and expanses, or how your taxes are distributed.

Similarly, your insurances bills can be tagged as insurance – so you can easily have a view of your insurance costs. But your car insurance can also be tagged as car, so it appears when you are visualizing your transport expanses.

Tags are not hierarchical. But each time you add an additional tag, ZenAccounting automatically propose to set up a rule depending on previous tags. So for instance, you can easily say that petrol tag implies car tag, which itself implies transport tag.


Visual information

graphsInformation is always represented with graphs, so you have instant view of your bank accounts.

Variation of balance among time, distribution of expanses and incomes, visual tag cloud… All these visual information are always visible in the right pane of ZenAccounting.

Just click on it to have a larger view, and interact with the graph to filter information


Automatic rules

tagruleEach time you add a tag to a transaction, ZenAccounting automatically guess the appropriate rule.

So you don’t have to do the job twice

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Rules are automatically proposed by ZenAccounting, when you’re adding tag or changing a transaction. Just click on Create Rule to create it – or continue typing to ignore it.

Rules can depend on the transaction detail text, on transaction type, and of course on tags, and with each rule can either change the transaction type, add some tags, etc…

Pending checks

Easily add information when you pay with a bank check, ZenAccouting will find it when it appears in your bank statement.


VAT and more

VATNew in version 1.3 : you can now configure button for adding sub-transactions with amount that can be either

  • a percentage (for example VAT)
  • a fixed value
  • a value extracted from the detail of the transaction (for instance the bank fee for a foreign ATM transaction)



Most OFX files contains a ledger balance. ZenAccounting use it, making your balance reliable, even if some transactions are missing.


And more…

  • Import : automatically find correct settings for OFX file (e.g. character encoding)
  • Import : automatically eliminate duplicate transactions
  • Import : automatically find parent transaction for credit card transactions
  • Import : automatically apply rules during import or manual insert / modifications
  • Import : handles multiple files
  • Handles multiple accounts. Aggregate view of multiple accounts, showing the aggregate balance and expanses/incomes distribution
  • Different currencies for each account
  • Imported transaction are locked to avoid accidental modification
  • Automatically find matching pending check, based on date and amount, and optionally  last digits of check number
  • Automaticaly find internal transfert between accounts
  • Per month and per year total
  • Interactive graphs
  • Powerful filter options, entered manually or automatically created by clicking on graph, on month/year values
  • Ledger balance, with configurable adjustment date


Built for OS X

Because ZenAccounting is designed for OS X, you get all the usual OS X features : unlimited undo, document versions, etc…