Personal accounting for your Mac

ZenAccounting is a new personal finance / accounting application for your Mac(macOS or OS X 10.10 or later)

ZenAccounting helps you to analyze your expenses and incomes.
In just a few clicks, you can understand where your money goes – how much you spend for transport, food, taxes, mortgage, etc..

With no effort, it brings you cost accounting for your personal bank account, on your Mac desktop.

Automatic accounting

Computer are here to do the job! ZenAccounting is intended to save you some time. Every time you add a tag to a transaction – stating for instance that a “iTunes store” invoice should be considered as “music”, or “culture”, it automatically find and propose a rule to add these tags to existing or future transactions. Read more in main features.

No cryptic option on import format, let’s your Mac do his work.



A picture is worth a thousand words – and a graph is worth even more numbers.

Just click on the graphs to dig into your data.
Read more in main features

tag cloud, cost distribution, time evolution of personal bank accounts


Manage your money : simple and fast

(Nearly) nobody really likes doing personal accounting, right ? So ZenAccounting is designed to make it as easy and fast as possible. A few minutes per weeks should be enough to have an accurate and understandable view of your finances.

By proposing automatic rules, ZenAccounting will automatically tag your bank statements – stating that each transaction is related to, for instance, transport, car maintenance, house budget, education, health.. All that at once, when you import  the OFX file, and you immediately get visual graphs

You can also configure some predefined sub-transactions, e.g. for VAT


Cloudless sky

While many personal finance program propose online services, or cloud storage, we strongly believe that your bank statement are private. You surely has nothing to hide, but it’s certainly nobody else business.

Your data reside on your computer hard drive, possibly strongly encrypted by OS X FileVault


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